Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Amazing Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!!!
I thought I would just do a little post in honor of my most amazing mother. And she truly is amazing and wonderful. Let me just list off a few reasons why my mom has been such an incredible example to me my whole life.

1. She is the greatest example of selfless service. My whole life my mom has drilled into me the importance of serving others. But the greatest thing is that she taught me by doing it herself. I can remember so many instances when she has done little random acts of kindness, be it bringing someone some treats, or just taking the time to talk to someone. Every holiday season we would doorbell ditch other families with plates of goodies and surprises, and those are some of my favorite memories. She is always thinking of others, and extremely humble about it the whole time.
2. She isn’t afraid to laugh and have fun. Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time around my mom knows that she can be crazy and have fun. I have the best memories of my mom racing my brother and I down the street, and even teaching us how to play Mario on the Nintendo (with her controller going every which way as she made turns and jumps). Anytime my brother and I were bored she would have some kind of game for us to play to keep us entertained. One of the best things about my mom is that you can’t be mad for too long because she’ll always make you laugh ( no matter how annoying this is in the moment ;) ) And I will ALWAYS remember the crazy stories my mom tells (like the one time she ran down our street thinking that someone was chasing her, only to find out it was just her shadow. Hahaha. I don’t think that one will ever be forgotten).
3. She is one of the most welcoming people you will ever meet. If you are one of mine or my brother’s friends, she will inevitably love you. She loved having mine and Jordan's friends over at our house, and my friends all loved her for it. In high school I swore that some of my guy friends came over to see and talk with her as much as they did for me. She loves people, and people are just drawn to her.

4. And lastly, my mom is one of the strongest people I have ever met. She has been through a lot of tough things in her life, and you’d never know it because she won’t say a word about it. Doesn’t matter if she was on her deathbed; if there are things to be done then she will do them. And she will do them with a smile on her face, taking care of everyone else before she even takes a thought for herself.
I love you so much Mom, and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!